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Elk Antler Snack – Size M

Even in the higher age everyone loves treats - there is no difference in dogs. Our dear four-legged friends in the upper age should just get very particular balanced food and snacks. Again, the unique composition of the antlers snacks is the ideal solution. Due to the soft texture of the Elk Snack chewing is possible even with any dental problems.




Elk Antler


700 Gram


Puppies and young dogs claim particular requirements to not only their food but also their snacks. The delicate little teeth and bones in growth should not be overloaded or overwhelmed. The 100% natural composition of Happy Puppy snacks guarantees a well balanced mixture of essential minerals and trace elements. Dental care is important! In nature, animals clean their teeth in a natural way by chewing on bones for example. Although the dog today receives a variety of nutrients through the feed already, it still misses the tooth cleaning process completely. What is a better substitution than a completely natural chew snack that our dogs love? Happy Puppy elk pieces are the ideal dental care in this case! Due to their composition antler pieces are extremely healthy. Antlers are made of precious minerals and trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc (just to name a few) and this even in an optimal ratio.

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How to use

Make sure that the size you buy and the size and bite force of your dog correspond. Please supervise your dog during chewing and remove any small residual pieces. Please always provide fresh drinking water. - elk antler pieces, while chewing, will neither turn sticky nor slimy - elk snack cleans and maintains the health of your dog's teeth in a pure 100% natural way - elk snack is an honest, sustainable, animal-friendly, robust and also environmentally conscious natural product

Washing Advice

Warm Water

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