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Antler Snack – Size L

Dental care is important! In nature, animals clean their teeth in a natural way by chewing on bones for example. Although the dog today receives a variety of nutrients through the feed already, it still misses the tooth cleaning process completely. What is a better substitution than a completely natural chew snack that our dogs love? Antler snack pieces are the ideal dental care in this case!






900 Gram


Due to their composition antler pieces are extremely healthy. Antlers are made of precious minerals and trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc (just to name a few) and this even in an optimal ratio. The respective content of these nutrients depends on the habitat of the animals as well as on the meteorological conditions and eating habits of the animals. The unique casting of the antlers in a year makes it, in the truest sense of the word, a regrowing resource. No animal is killed for this contribution, but dispenses this great resource entirely voluntarily. In order to not destroy the natural habitat of the animals, and not to expose them to unnecessary stress by engine noises, the collection is executed entirely on foot and by hand. Here, every day counts! The fresher, the antlers, the more nutrients can be obtained in further processing.

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How to use

Make sure that the size you buy and the size and bite force of your dog correspond. Please supervise your dog during chewing and remove any small residual pieces. - Antlers are very hard and rich in calcium and other minerals - Our antler pieces, while chewing, will neither turn sticky nor slimy - Our snack cleans and maintains the health of your dog's teeth in a pure 100% natural way

Washing Advice

Warm Water

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